Meaningful Easter Activities

Spring is here and that means Easter is just around the corner! But this holiday is about more than colorful eggs, candy, and bunnies. Here are some fun ways you can teach your children about this holiday’s importance.


Getting crafty is a great way to weave the story line into an activity for kids. For example, there are plenty of cross-themed crafts to try out, like this sand art cross. All you need is some cardboard, colored sand, and glue. Your kids will enjoy making creative and colorful crosses to decorate the house. You can also be more deliberate with the Easter story by making this crown of thorns. This keeps little hands occupied while you read or talk about the sacrifice of Christ on Good Friday.


There are lots of different games you can play as a family to commemorate the resurrection. For example, you can try “Easter Mix-Up,” a thankfulness game. Sit in a circle and take turns telling what you’re thankful for this Easter. After each person takes a turn, everyone must get up and switch seats. Younger children may also enjoy this Easter bingo game. It is simple and allows the Easter story to be told through picture symbols. It may also help them pay more attention in church as they listen for things to mark off.


Resurrection eggs are an excellent way to review each element of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. If you don’t have the budget to buy Resurrection eggs, you can also make your own version. These eggs, each with a letter spelling “Easter,” highlight different parts of the Easter story. For example, the “E” egg stands for “Each of us,” as a reminder that God loves everyone. You can also bake resurrection rolls together. These delicious cinnamon rolls are hollow on the inside, to symbolize the empty tomb.

These are just a few of the many fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter as a family this year. Be sure to try some out and make some great memories together!

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