Helping Preteens Choose Moderate Halloween Costumes

modest halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday that even preteens and teens enjoy dressing up for. 

But it’s also a time where many revealing outfits come out. 

In an attempt to fit in with friends and do what’s cool, your child may want a more revealing costume. 

“You can’t wear that!” will only create tension and a fight, instead it’s about helping preteens make modest choices. 

Here are some tips for encouraging modest Halloween costumes. 

Talk About Why

Revisit the conversation of modesty with your preteen. Dig deeper than “you can’t wear that” or “it’s inappropriate”. Explain the why behind modesty, especially for adolescents. Share personal stories. Ask your child for their experience. Before worrying about what to wear on Halloween, make sure you talk about modesty in general and at all times of the year. 

Come Up with Alternatives

Instead of just saying “no” to a costume, work with your child to come up with an alternative or a way to make the costume more appropriate. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as wearing an undershirt, and other times it may be best to come up with a new idea. Look online for inspiration and come up with fun costume ideas that are modest. 

Get Friends Involved

A big reason kids are resistant to modesty is because they are afraid of embarrassment or sticking out. If you can get their friends involved and onboard, it will be much easier to help your preteen choose a modest Halloween costume. If you know the parents, you could speak with them about having a united front on costumes. An even better idea is to invite friends over to make costumes or plan out a pair/group costume. 

Some fun examples include:

  • Thing 1 and Thing 2
  • Fire and Ice
  • Minions
  • A group of characters from a show/movie
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Starbucks drinks
  • Disney characters
  • Crayons
  • Balloons
  • Athletes from different sports 
  • The 4 seasons

Modest Halloween Costumes

The biggest thing is to help your preteen understand that modest doesn’t mean boring or embarrassing. There are many ways to enjoy Halloween and rock a great costume while still being modest. Rather than just saying no, take the time to invest in your preteen’s experience and help them find a modest costume they love. If you’re able to get their friends involved in a partner or group costume, even better!


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