6 Good Habits of Good Teenagers

money management

During their teenage years, kids gain a growing sense of independence and are preparing to leave the house. Nailing down key habits for teenagers is essential for their preparation for adulthood. 

It can be difficult to get your teen on board, but these are 6 habits every teen should have before leaving the house. 

Money Management 

Teenagers must develop healthy spending habits and good money management. They should get in the habit of saving a percentage of every paycheck, holiday money, or allowance they get. Help your teen set up a bank account and learn about money management. Explain the importance of saving and how to evaluate if a purchase is smart or not. 

Always Do the Right Thing Even if it Costs You

Good teens do the right thing even if it means they get in trouble. One of the best ways to foster this habit is by creating a promise with your teen that they can call you in the event of an emergency no matter what. For example, you want your teen to call you if they are too drunk to drive, even though you did not permit drinking. 

While you want to help your teen make good decisions, the reality is that teens make mistakes and can end up in bad situations. If your child knows they can count on you, no questions asked, for an emergency situation, they are more likely to do the right thing. 

Make Your Bed Everyday 

Making your bed daily is about setting the day up for success and keeping your space tidy. Teens are preparing to leave the house and live on their own, which means they must get used to taking care of their space and keeping things neat. 

Work Hard at Everything You Do 

Encourage hard work over performance. The focus for schoolwork, sports, etc should be effort and dedication, not just results. Encourage your teen to always work hard and put their best foot forward. 

Always Be a Student

Many teens have the mindset that once they are finished with school, they are done learning. Encourage your teen to be a student of life. Give examples of how you remain a student after school and push your child to learn about the world on a daily basis. 

Enjoy Life No Matter the Situation

Teens often see the worse in their situation, believing they have it tougher than anyone else. Help your teen see the good in life no matter what the situation may be. One way to do this is by practicing gratitude, sharing what you have to be grateful for on a daily basis. 

The habits above set teens up for success after high school and will prepare them for someday living on their own.


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