Getting Your Kids More Into Sports


Plenty of parents want to get their kids involved in sports because of the positive traits these activities help to develop. Sports teach children how to work together, commit to succeeding at something, and enjoy exercise. 

However, if your children are not receptive to the idea of playing sports, it can be an uphill battle to change their minds. 

Don’t give up, though. Here are a few things you can do to encourage your children to get interested in sports.

Be Supportive

Children typically find more joy in activities that their families support. If you have signed your child up to be part of a team, get involved. Watch their games, cheer them on, and even if they are not the star player, let them know you’re proud of them.

Find the Right Activity

If your child isn’t showing an interest in a certain sport, it might just be the wrong sport for him or her. Introduce your child to a variety of sports so they can decide which one they want to take part in. When the choice is theirs, they will likely make more of an effort to excel. 

Play Together

Taking part in a sporting activity with your child not only strengthens the bond you have with them but will also help them become more interested in participating. If they’re into baseball, play catch with them. If they’re into basketball, shoot hoops with them at your local park.

Don’t Force It

Some children are just not interested in sports, and that’s okay. Every child is a unique individual and if they truly have no interest in sports, forcing it is not a good idea. 

If you would still like your child to develop the positive traits that sports can help build, there are other activities you might want to look into. For example:

  • Athleticism: Gymnastics, dance, swimming
  • Teamwork: Student council, theater, 4H
  • Community involvement: Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, youth groups, volunteering
  • Leadership: Debate, Model UN, tutoring, JROTC
  • Strategy: Cooking class, chess club, gaming (board, tabletop, electronic, etc.)


Depending on the community in which you live, there may be a wide variety of activities your children can join. Including your child in the decision-making process can help you ensure that you’re signing them up for an activity that suits their interests. As such, letting them choose is more likely going to lead to a fulfilling experience.



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