How to Help Kids Succeed in Online Learning

Online Learning Success

School is back in full swing after winter break. Many schools are offering some classes or days in-person, but most schools still have an online portion of their learning. Many children struggle to stay focused and on-task during online learning, and parents aren’t always sure how they can help. Here are some of the top ways to help your child succeed in online learning.

Reduce Distractions

Several studies have found that web surfing and social media harm students’ performance.  In virtual learning, these behaviors are more common because they are more accessible. One of the best ways to set your child up for online learning success is to reduce distractions by:

  • Putting away cell phones, iPads, or other non-school electronic devices. 
  • Limiting device use to school tasks. 
  • Cleaning up toys, art supplies, etc. 
  • Creating a quiet, clean workspace for your child. 

Breaks and Physical Activity

Kids may struggle to focus for an entire class period online, let alone the whole school day. That is why the in-person school day includes recess and gym class, with more breaks for younger children. Children need breaks, and some may need more than others. Help your child take small breaks throughout the day. Ideally, incorporate exercise into those breaks, and have your child engage in physical activity at the beginning of the day to improve their attention.

Create a Schedule 

Children who have better time management also tend to have higher GPAs. However, it’s much easier to stick to a schedule when you are at school for a set time. Online learning poses time management challenges for many kids. Help your child by creating structure and consistency. Have set times for schoolwork, meals, hobbies, bedtime, etc. Be consistent, but also be flexible. If you notice your child is frustrated or losing focus, give them a break. 

Be Supportive 

At school, children often get reinforcement from teachers. Express to your child when they’ve done really well. Ask them where they feel confident and show them how their own efforts lead to their success. Consider creating a small reward system with stars, stickers, or fun time. While it’s important to help kids stay on track and set a routine, it’s equally as important to support and encourage them. Acknowledge when your child is doing well with their online learning. 

Online learning presents incredible opportunities for kids, but it can also be challenging. Fortunately, there are many ways you can impact your child’s online learning experience positively. Using the strategies above, you can help your child succeed in online learning. 


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