How To Parent Your Child From A United Front

united front parenting

As parents, you and your partner have an (often underrated) ability to set the tone for your home and your family. When you prioritize being active, your children learn that being active and healthy is important. When you live out your faith in day-to-day life, they learn that their faith is more than a Sunday activity. If you can parent as a team and show them a united front, they learn that relationships are important and that being a family means teamwork. Here are a few ways to parent your child from a united front today!

1. Consult your partner about parenting decisions

No, this is not just a new version of “wait till your father gets home.” This is an important step toward showing your child their parents are a team! When your child asks for something, whenever possible, consult your partner and make the decision together! By checking with your spouse, you can prevent any issues that arise from one parent saying yes and the other saying no. You are also showing them both parents’ opinions matter! If they struggle with waiting at first, take this as an opportunity to teach them about patience. With practice, they will learn this is part of the process and appreciate the strength of your relationship!

2. Let your child see you be affectionate

As you are comfortable, express your love for one another in front of your kids. It is easy to get sucked into the routine, trying to make it through each day with everything and everyone in one piece. Try to be intentional about hugging your spouse when they walk in the door or holding hands on the couch! These little displays of affection reassure your child their parents love each other and are in a solid, happy, loving marriage, making them feel more secure and safe at home.

3. Never let your child see you put your spouse down

When your child sees you discourage or criticize their other parent, it can change their attitude toward both parents. They may believe your relationship is struggling, or that one parent is better than the other. Instead, be intentional about building your spouse up, and being supportive of your spouse’s parenting choices in front of your child.

Now, you are prepared to put forward a united front and parent your children as a team!

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