Parents’ Guide to Women’s History Month

womens history month

March is Women’s History Month. 

This month is a dedicated time to learn about the many accomplishments of women in the past and present, and it’s important for all children to learn about. 

For girls, this month can be a powerful reminder of what they are capable of. Boys should also learn the incredible accomplishments and capabilities of women as well. 

Despite the importance of Women’s History Month, families may be unsure how to celebrate.

Here are a few ideas.

Learn About Female Relatives 

A good place to start with Women’s History Month is by learning more about the achievements of women in your family. Talk with your kids about the feats their grandmothers, aunts, cousins, etc achieved. Discuss some of the struggles they faced and how they overcame them as well. 

Visit the Library 

The library is filled with helpful resources about accomplished women. Go with your children to check out a few books about women in history. Seek to learn about women in many different industries and time periods.

Watch a Film 

Take a few nights out of the month to watch a movie or documentary that highlights the accomplishments of women. There is a wide variety of options available depending on the age of your child. Choose an age-appropriate movie and follow it up with a discussion. 

Learn About the Fight for Women’s Rights 

Learning about women in history should also include learning about the struggles they faced. The fight for women’s rights is crucial for kids to learn about as well.  

Give Girls a Voice 

If you have girls, use this month to encourage and inspire them. Talk about what their goals are, what they’d like to accomplish, and more. Help your girls feel empowered and confident. If you have boys, take the time to teach them how to empower their sisters, cousins, friends, and classmates. It’s just as important for boys to learn about Women’s History Month as girls. 

Use this month as a powerful learning tool for boys and girls. Take time to learn about the accomplishments and achievements of women throughout history, as well as the obstacles they overcame. Empower your girls to think big and reach for their goals, and teach your boys to be allies. Women in History Month is an exciting holiday to celebrate as a family. Try out some of the ideas above this month! 


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