Praying for Your Children

As parents, praying is one of the most important ways to support children as they grow and learn. It also allows you to see God’s hand at work in their lives. Here are some different ways you can pray for your kids.

Pray for Their Faith

Your child’s faith is probably the most important thing you can pray about. There are many different ways to pray for their faith. For example, you can pray they will connect with God and honor Him. Or, pray for growth in character qualities like forgiveness and grace. Your children will likely go through some difficult times, so you can pray they will stay in church and continue to love God’s word. Practical faith-based things, like godly friends and wise counsel, are also important as they grow.

Pray for Their Daily Needs

The little daily things need just as much prayer as the big things. For example, you can ask the Lord for their safety as they go about their day. Or, you can pray for their health and their attitude at school or work. Maybe your child is struggling to make friends. Maybe they have been struggling with their grades. There is nothing too small to take to the Lord. As you pray for them, you can make a scrapbook or notebook to keep track of the prayer requests and answered prayers.

Pray about Their Future

Your child’s future can be scary and exciting. Although they won’t be at home forever, you can always pray for them as they make big decisions. For example, you can pray about their future spouse, even if they are far from marriage. Marriage is one of the biggest life decisions. You can also pray for their college, career, and future living situation. Each new stage of their life will require guidance and wisdom.

Every prayer is important and powerful. Be persistent in prayer and let them know you are praying. It will make a difference!

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