Preparing Kids for Back-to-School After Summer

back to school

Schooooool’s out for summer!

But, what happens when summer comes to an end?

After a summer of no homework, late bedtimes, and freedom, school can be very difficult to return to for kids. 

The transition can be tough, but parents can help. Here’s what you can do to prepare your kids for back to school after summer. 

Ease Back In

Kids will struggle if they suddenly need to get back to waking up hours earlier than they have been. The last few weeks of summer vacation, help your child slowly move their bedtime/morning schedule back to the one they need for school. Wake them up earlier and earlier each day (by 15-30 minutes a day), and keep the schedule even on the weekends to help them adjust back. 

Summer Learning Activities 

Kids definitely need a break after the long school year,  a few weeks of no homework. However, don’t let them go all summer long without touching a book or math problem. Most schools send home recommendations for summer learning. If your child had a packet, workbook, or reading list, enforce it. If not, look for some ideas online to keep your child engaged in learning over the summer. There’s no need to spend 8 hours a day on summer learning, but daily reading and a few math problems will go a long way to ensure your child is ready for school again. 

Get Excited for the New School Year 

Help your child embrace the new school year by turning it into an exciting event. Talk about what they can expect this year. Get your child involved in picking out school supplies and learning about their teacher. Work together to pick out the first-day outfit for picture day. Discuss what they’re looking forward to, including some of the new topics or subjects they may learn this year. If there is an opportunity to visit the school or classroom, encourage your child to attend. They may also see friends there, which can further build excitement for school.

Back to school can be tough for kids, who wants to leave summer behind after all? Kids of all ages struggle to transition from summer back to school, and that’s understandable. However, there are ways to help. Preparing kids for school is all about returning to routine and the earlier you start the better. 


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