Our Family Series: Raising the Next Generation of Boys

raising boys

Raising boys is an adventure on its own, as the energetic, spirited nature of boys can make it so there’s never a dull moment with them. However, it’s the ultimate goal of many parents to raise healthy, happy, functional boys without stifling their flare. 

Let’s discuss how to productively raise the next generation of boys.

Lead By Example

Your sons will learn a lot about the world through the way they see their parents interact in it. Know that you are always teaching your boys even when you aren’t trying to. Show them good citizenship through your willingness to help a neighbor in need. Show them patience and civility when you’re frustrated rather than shouting. Perhaps most of all, show them how to be upstanding people when they see you treat others with dignity and respect. 

Give Them Avenues for Their Energy

Boys, especially younger boys, are full of energy. It’s hard to expect them to sit still when they want to run around and have fun. It’s a great idea to provide them with the ability to join events where activity is a positive thing. Encourage them to take part in team activities, whether sports or other interactive endeavors (robotics, 4H, academic olympics, etc).

Participating in a team activity will not only help channel your son’s energy into something productive, but will also help them learn sportsmanship, how to compete in a healthy way, and how to enhance their self-esteem.

Find Teaching Moments in Everyday Life

Teaching your sons a new skill or positive lesson doesn’t have to wait for a special moment. Find practical ways to teach a new skill. For example, if you’re driving and the car has a flat tire, show your boys how to change the flat tire for the spare. Bestow your own skills onto your sons when the opportunity arises. 

Encourage Openness

Give your boys the opportunity to communicate with you. Always be willing to listen, encourage them to talk about their unique thoughts and feelings, and help them interpret the world around them. 

In addition, be emotionally available as well as physically. Kind, emotionally intelligent boys develop their positive attributes through the validation they receive from their parents.


The challenges that come with raising boys are their own rewards. Observing sons who exhibit the positive attributes of strength, empathy, self-assurance, and leadership is a clear indicator that you’re raising young men that will improve the world around them.









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