Reclaiming the Schedule: From Summer To School

school year

The change from summertime to the new school year can feel drastic, especially when your kids have had a very relaxing break in their usual structure. If you’d like to ease your children into a schedule before the start of school, take a look at the following tips you can implement toward the end of summer to make the change easier.

Purchase Supplies Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy school supplies and school clothes. Around 2-3 weeks before school starts, take your children with you (if applicable) to pick up supplies they’ll need. This will help remind your family that the new school year is just around the corner. 

Slowly Calibrate Your Schedule

If your children have had a more relaxed sleeping schedule during the summer, you can help them prepare for school by gradually resetting their bedtime and wake-time. A week or two before school starts, have them go to bed/wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than they did the day prior. This way, the children can adjust more easily to stricter timelines.

Set A Morning Routine

Have your children get their school supplies ready before the first day of school, and ask them to lay out the outfit and shoes they’re planning to wear. This way, the kids will have fewer things to plan in the morning when they’re in a hurry to get ready.

Discuss A Homework Schedule

Before school starts, set up a homework area for your children that’s comfortable and free from distractions. You’ll also want to discuss homework expectations with your kids so they know when their homework needs to be done. By illustrating a clear schedule, your kids won’t get sidetracked with leisurely activities before they’ve finished their homework. Additionally, a clear schedule helps prevent instances in which children rush through work they forgot about.

Ask About Thoughts and Plans

Talk to your kids about how they’re feeling as the school year approaches. Help them to manage nervousness and anxiety they may be experiencing.

You’ll also want to ask your child about activities they’d like to participate in during the school year. If, for example, the child would like to play sports, you can get medical examinations taken care of ahead of time. 


Getting used to a strict schedule after a long break can be hard, especially when the kids aren’t excited about the end of summer. However, if you do your best to take the process one step at a time, preparing for a new schedule will be a little easier for everyone involved.


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