Staying Connected during a COVID-19 Christmas

Life looks very different this Christmas as compared to last year and the many years before. Christmas activities such as concerts and holiday parties are either not happening or are being done in distanced ways. How can we all stay at least 6 feet apart this Christmas but stay connected to those we love and care about?

Are you missing your Great-Aunt Jennie’s jello salad or Grandma Marie’s ham loaf? Create a meal exchange with family close by. Everyone makes their coveted dish and portions it out according to how many are in the household then deliver on a chosen date. Safely leave each dish on one anther’s door step and arrive home to a delicious meal. This way you can all enjoy those nostalgic flavors of the season. 

Often times due to locations, jobs, family sizes and other factors, entire families are not able to get together on one day. This year save on the airfare and stay safe by hosting a virtual family reunion. Family members from anywhere in the world can join in. Pick a time and date that works for most and meet online. This is a great chance to introduce new and old family members from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Don’t forget to connect with the family members right within your home. The holidays of previous years have been so full of activities that we miss what is going on in our very homes. This year plan some fun activities together such as baking Christmas cookies or putting together jigsaw puzzles. This time together can create memories for years to come.

This Christmas is bound to be unlike any other. We may be feeling physically distant from others but we do not need to be emotionally distant. Chances to connect are all around us if we are only willing to be a little creative.

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