Supporting Your ADHD Child for School Success


Children with ADHD can have a harder time succeeding and thriving in school. If you have a child with ADHD, here are some tips for how you can support them in their educational journey. 

Be Their Advocate

Remember, only a doctor or licensed medical professional can diagnose your child as ADHD. However, if your child does struggle with this diagnosis, it’s good to be fully aware of the symptoms and how they affect your child’s life. For example, in school, they may have difficulty paying attention and sitting still, managing their time, and staying organized. The first important step of being your child’s advocate is talking to their teacher about it. Schedule a meeting with them, introduce your child and their behaviors, and be sure to follow up with them regularly on how your child is doing.

Help With Homework

Children with ADHD may have a hard time with details, and can often hand in work that is faulty. So, it can make a huge difference if you help them with their homework. For example, establishing structure for them is important. Give them small timed breaks to give their mind a chance to relax. Provide a quiet place for them to study, free of distractions. There are several ways you can adapt the homework experience to your child’s abilities and likes and dislikes. For example, don’t be afraid to mix things up sometimes! Figure out what motivates them, and what rewards work best. You can also give them something to fidget with, if that helps them focus. 
Remember homework can be significantly more challenging for them, so be prepared to have patience.

Support Them

You are your child’s greatest support! But it can be challenging. As you support them in school, have realistic expectations. Remember that they are not perfect, and neither will their work be. Take into consideration the things that affect them, and encourage them. Remember to also make sure they are receiving effective treatment. For example, consider if and how they are assisted by their teacher, or if they are taking any medication. Above all, offer praise! Remember, they may be discouraged sometimes. So be their biggest fan!

The unique challenges of ADHD can feel particularly daunting at times, but they can be overcome. Remember, you have the opportunity to support and help your child like no one else!

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