Taking Time To Relax With Your Child

As everyone gets back into the swing of work and school after the holiday season, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of getting everything done. Here are some ways you can take time to relax with your child!

1. Color with your child

No matter your age, there is something cathartic about coloring! There are tons of coloring books for grown-ups with more detailed patterns, as well as free printable coloring pages. You could even make it a special night out by running to a local bookstore and letting your child pick out a coloring book and help you choose yours! Take time to soak up the time without electronic devices, and focus on enjoying something simple with your child.

2. Treat yourselves frugally

Doing something just for you does not have to be expensive! Little things like car washes, making something look better around the house, or buying a special food item that you just love can make the dull and busy weeks even better! Involve your kids. Let them come with you when you go through the car wash and see all the water and suds, or pick out their own little treat at the grocery store, or some other little add-on that lets them take part in the fun without breaking the bank!

3. Reserve a night for just family

Reserve one night a week for family night. Even something simple, like eating dinner together, can make a big difference in how connected your child feels to the family and what decisions they make later in their childhood and teen years. This time to slow down and enjoy food together is a great way to involve everyone in something and slow down together!

Now, you have three easy ways to slow down during the week and really rest with your child!

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