Taking Your Kids to Church


Kids can be noisy, squirmy, and difficult to sit with during a church service. But, working through the discomfort and bringing them to church is doable and beneficial! With these tips, you can enjoy the valuable experience of attending Sunday service as a family.

The benefits of taking your kids to church

Working through the discomfort of bringing little children to church can have some great benefits. There are lots of lessons kids can learn from church. For example, regular attendance teaches them to create habits that will help them grow. It also involves them in a community of Christians. As they go to church weekly, they will develop a spiritual foundation for life. Even if your children seem like they haven’t been listening at all, they are still absorbing information. You might be surprised at the things they pick up on.

Tips for keeping them quiet

One of the biggest challenges is keeping the littlest ones quiet. However, keeping their little hands and brains occupied can help immensely. Try making a busy bag for each child. These bags, used only for Sunday service, can be filled with all sorts of quiet entertainment. For example, you can include a blank notebook, some crayons or markers, and stickers. Or, give them some age-appropriate Bible story books to look through. Other practical ways to cut down on the fidgeting involve taking them to the bathroom before the service, or keeping some (not messy) snacks on hand.

Ways to keep them involved

Older children who have more self-control will benefit from participating in the service. Encourage this by having them worship with you. For example, consider buying them their own Bible so they can read along in Scripture. After church, discuss the services or Sunday School with them. This will help them process the information they absorbed, and give you a chance to see what they’re learning. You can also get them a notebook so they can take notes during the sermon. If they are too young for complex note-taking, try giving them listening pages. As they hear certain words in the sermon, they tally them up on the page. This helps them pay attention and pick up on certain concepts.

It might be a challenge but taking your kids to church is not without its rewards. Keep up the hard work and enjoy watching your children grow!

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