Teaching Your Child About Generosity

When we are teaching children about how to be Godly people, one of the easiest virtues to gloss over is generosity. Of course, we all know we are supposed to give to the poor and needy, but it is such a given that we do not always think about teaching it to our children. Here are some quick ways to teach your children how to be generous with what they have.

1. Share with others

Talk to them about sharing their toys with the kids around them, not because they’re supposed to, but because it is a way they can be generous and make other people happy! While they do not need to share everything all the time, teaching them how giving a toy to another child makes them happy is a great way to help them start thinking about how other people feel and what other people need. Start them as soon as they are able to understand and remember, because the younger they start the more ingrained it will be.

2. Give them an allowance and teach them to tithe

Whether their allowance is earned by chores, or something they receive in order to pay for certain things, teach them from the moment money starts entering their hands the importance of tithing. Remind them that everything belongs to God and that as Christians we are to put God first.

3. Be a good example

A big part of teaching children to give is by being an example! One way to do this is by giving as a family, whether that means sponsoring a child or helping with a local ministry. If your children do not have money to give, you can start teaching them to give in other ways, such as giving time or sending cards to people in need.

Now you have all you need to start teaching your children how to be generous!

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