Teaching Your Child To Take Care Of The Earth

child gardening to take care of the Earth

As Christians, it is important that we take care of the Earth, not only because it is our home, but because God commands us to. One of the first commands God gives Adam in the Bible is to take care of the garden of Eden. The world may be more complicated now than it was then, but we can still show honor to the Creator by taking care of His creation! Here are some simple ways you can teach your children to take care of the Earth.

1. Teach your child about recycling

If you live somewhere that recycling is picked up like garbage, teach your child the difference! Show them how some things, like plastic and glass, can be made into different things after you are done using them. Then, show them how some things don’t work like that, and have to go to landfills. There are many companies and organizations that put together child-friendly videos and activities that teach the value of recycling! You can also teach them through recycling crafts, no matter what recycling is like in your area. One great option is to take used scraps of crayons and melt them down to make new multi-colored crayons!

2. Use reusable shopping bags and containers

A great way to lead by example is to purchase a few reusable shopping bags, and keep them in the car for any and all shopping trips! Many stores now sell them for $1-$2 each, but they are also available online for less than a dollar each. Wherever you get them, make sure you use them when shopping with your child, and teach them how you can help reduce waste and take care of the Earth by reusing cloth bags instead of taking home and throwing out thin plastic bags. Another affordable reusable swap is getting reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic water bottles.

3. Teach your child to take care of plants

While every family can’t just start a vegetable garden or plant a tree, you can start small and teach your child to care for the Earth by raising their own plant! Take each child to a local plant nursery or home improvement store, and let them pick out a plant they can keep in their rooms. For younger children, low-maintenance options like succulents would be ideal, while older children a small flower might be doable. Help them learn what their plant needs with online resources or books from your library, and set a good example by taking care of any other plants in the house or yard.

Now, you are ready to start teaching your child to take care of the Earth!

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