Teaching Your Children About Prayer

Prayer is a gift from God, and an important part of the Christian faith. From the moment your little ones start learning to talk, you can be teaching them about prayer.

1. Lead by example

The easiest way for your children to learn about prayer is by watching you. Let your kids see you praying on a regular basis. They will learn a lot just by watching! You can show them what it means to talk to God any time! Also, take the time to reinforce some important lessons about prayer. For example, explain to your children that they can talk to Him about anything that is on their hearts. There is nothing too big or too small for Him to hear, and He listens to and answers all our requests.

2. Pray with them

Praying with your children can be easy! You can make a habit of praying with them in the morning before school begins, or in the evening before bedtime. Discuss your highs and lows at the dinner table and pray for one another right then. You can also take advantage of free time throughout your day, such as when you are dropping your child off at school, to pray together.

3. Give them ideas

Another way you can teach your child about prayer is by giving them regular prayer items. You can pick a missionary that your church supports and encourage them to pray for that missionary. Or, they can pray for other children around the world who are in needWhen they have a sincere desire to pray about something, encourage them and talk with them about it!

Prayer can transform your child’s walk with the Lord! Be excited as you help them learn about it and grow in their faith!

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