Teaching Your Teen Good Hygiene Habits

tween with good hygiene

As children grow up, the goal is to help them become more and more independent which includes their hygiene routines. You’ve likely already taught your child bathing and brushing their teeth is a good idea, but do they know enough to manage those routines on their own? Here’s what your teen needs to know to develop good hygiene habits.

1. The basics

Does your teen know how often they should shower, or do you find yourself reminding them? Talk to them about how important it is to keep clean, and discuss a regular shower schedule that works for them and the family as a whole. You may also want to bring up important basic hygiene habits that often fall by the wayside during the teen years, like brushing and flossing twice a day. This is also a great time to introduce them to new hygiene habits they may not have needed as children but do now, like deodorant or antiperspirant, shaving, or feminine hygiene products. Good basic hygiene is a great way to help your child take care of their body and build a positive body image!

2. Skincare

Another important type of hygiene your teen likely didn’t need as a child but needs now is a good skincare routine. If you can, try to stop acne before it starts with a basic routine your teenager can stick to! Two of the most important steps for most teens are a good cleanser and something with SPF, though your teen may also need a specific anti-acne product or something more moisturizing. If you don’t know where to start, consider booking an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician!

3. Appearance

Does your teen have a particular look they are aspiring to! It’s very normal for teens to start wanting to take control over their appearance, and that includes some hygiene. For example, your teen daughter may start developing an interest in makeup! Feel free to allow whatever products you and she are comfortable with at her age, but make sure she understands sharing some makeup may increase risks of infection and that leaving it on overnight can lead to breakouts. Teenagers also often want to change their hair! Consider taking them to the store to look at options for new products, or browsing online for new hairstyles (or even temporary hair colors) that could be a fun change of pace for them. By making sure you’re part of the process, you can help them express themselves in a way both of you are completely comfortable with.

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