Thankfulness Activities to Try This Week


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is a good time to practice gratitude. Here are some simple, creative ways to teach the value of thankfulness.

Do a quiet craft

Crafts are a great way to keep little hands busy. If you’re looking for a simple way to decorate your home and celebrate thankfulness, look no further than this easy thankfulness paper chain! Simply cut several pieces of colorful paper into strips, and write on each one something you are grateful for. Encourage your children to think about big and little blessings. You may be surprised at how quickly the papers are filled! Then, loop them together and staple them into a chain that will brighten your home. A fun alternative is a thankfulness tree. A few sticks from your yard and some construction paper can be transformed into a lovely decoration. With your children, write something you are thankful for on each of the leaves. You can do this in one sitting, or add to the tree each day!

Get active

For something more energizing, try this gratitude photo scavenger hunt. This printable scavenger list celebrates the little and the deep things in life. Simply print out a few copies and divide into teams. Then, venture out into your street, neighborhood, or town to find and photograph each item on the list. When  you reconvene at the end, you’ll enjoy sharing your photos and talking about the things you are thankful for!

Write it down

Whether it’s for November, or it’s year-round, these gratitude journals are a great way to practice thankfulness. Get a journal for everyone in the family, and some fun writing utensils. Set a daily goal! For example, you can write down five things you’re grateful for, then come up with five new ones the next day! Try to set aside a time to do this with your children each day. Thank-you notes are also an excellent way to practice and demonstrate gratitude. Whenever you or your child thinks of someone who is a blessing in your life, or they see someone do something they appreciate, let that person know! Set out some easy-to-grab cards, and take time every day to send a friend or family member a note. You can also write several and pass them out at your church or school.

Gratitude is important, and can be simple! Take the time this month to celebrate it and make some memories together.

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