The Importance of Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day is the last holiday before school starts in the fall, and a day off for many parents. While Labor Day may not seem like a major holiday, it has cultural importance and is a great time to celebrate as a family. 

Here’s why Labor Day is so important and some ways you can enjoy the day. 

The History of Labor Day 

In the 1800s, manufacturing workers worked extremely long hours, on average 70+ per week. They became worried about the excessive hours and dangerous conditions. To combat the long hours, union organizers began fighting for eight-hour days and overtime pay for anything more. Giving workers more time off also gave them more free time to engage in the economy (dining out, entertainment, travel, etc). As momentum for this concept built, Labor Day became an official holiday in 1894. 

Celebrating Labor Day Together 

Essentially, Labor Day is a time to enjoy off of work and school. There are so many ways to celebrate, but it’s important to take advantage of the free time and spend time together. Some ideas for celebrating Labor Day include:

  • A cookout. Whether it’s your immediate family or extended family and friends as well, use this day to enjoy the weather and host a barbeque. Cook something the whole family enjoys and soak up the nice weather. Play some yard games, catch up, and just relax!
  • Swimming. Most outdoor pools and public swimming locations close for the season after Labor Day. This is one of the last chances to enjoy a day at the pool or beach. 
  • Explore local landmarks. Use Labor Day as a chance to explore your community. Check out some of the most notable landmarks. There’s often a lot right around the corner that you may not even know is there. Take some photos and research a bit more about the landmarks as well. 
  • Picnic and park. Head to your local park for a day of sports, jungle gyms, and more. Pack a picnic and enjoy a simple meal outdoors together. 

Labor Day is a simple holiday, but it’s one worker and labor unions worked hard for in the past. Don’t let this day off go to waste! Take advantage of the day to enjoy some last-minute summer activities and get quality family time in. There’s no right way to celebrate, just find some activities that your family enjoys and make a point to get outside!


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