The Importance of Quiet Time for Your Child

This summer, when children have free time to fill with all kinds of activities, a quiet time to rest may often be overlooked. But, a break from devices, distractions, and the constant flow of information can refresh a child and develop their imagination.

  1. Take a Break from the Screen

Children under the age of 2 have screen time on a daily basis, and children between the ages of 8 and 18 watch an average of 3 hours of TV per day. This constant flow of information can overwhelm children and distract them. So, it’s important to integrate a time of quiet where they have something to focus on other than a screen. You can do this by gradually integrating quiet time into your child’s day. One way to do this successfully is to start with shorter times, such as 20 minutes, and gradually build on that until you reach an ideal time, such as an hour.

  1. Read a Book

Reading develops many vital skills and can be an excellent time-killer for children. By looking at the pictures in a picture book or reading through a more complex novel, children can develop language skills, social skills, and hand-eye coordination. Books are an excellent way to develop a child’s imagination and learn how to entertain themselves.

  1. Build a Quiet Box

For younger children who can’t read yet, you can create a quiet box. This provides them with imagination-building activities that don’t require a lot of energy and noise. You can fill this with drawing materials and stencils, or pipe cleaners, foam letters, and beads. Children can use their imagination to turn these materials into masterpieces. Cut up some felt and let children assemble these and create their own story. Even letting them sit in their crib with some stuffed animals helps them to rest. If they fall asleep, let them sleep for a bit and regain their strength.

Allowing for quiet time helps your child rest, and provides you with a regular break! These tips should help children welcome quiet time, build their imaginations, and develop their ability to entertain themselves.

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