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Protecting Your Child’s Internet Use

Are you worried about your child’s Internet use? We often think about keeping our children safe from the strangers they might meet on the street but what about the strangers they might meet on the Internet? In a recent survey, 42% of children admitted to seeing porn online. Another survey states one in 20 children have arranged a secret meeting with someone they met online. These statistics are only the beginning of information available when looking into our children’s Internet use.

Internet safety was not something our parents thought about when we were children, but it is important in this current generation. It can be hard to supervise our children’s Internet usage at all times. Luckily, there are new programs available to help you protect your children from the dangers of the Internet! Below are a few of the programs available to you today:

Net Nanny

According to the Net Nanny website, the features of this software are protecting your child against pornography, masking profanity, time limits on Internet usage, alerts sent to the parent’s email, and individual family member profiles to customize usage. There are a variety of packages available to suit your family’s Internet use needs.

Symantec Norton Family Premier

You probably recognize the Symantec Norton name as Internet virus protection, but now they offer much more with parental control software. According to their website, parents will be able to see where their children are spending their time on the Internet, protect their children’s personal information, control the amount of time children spend on the Internet, and help teach healthy Internet usage. You can add up to 10 devices to keep your entire family and their Internet usage covered.

Circle with Disney

Circle with Disney helps parents protect their children and their individual needs from the dangers of the Internet. Their website states you can limit individual apps and websites for each child and it even rewards your children when they have been abiding by the guidelines you set for them. The website also boasts an easy set up and attractive and simple app to manage Internet use for everyone under in hour household.

These are just a sampling of the software available to help parents protect their children from the world wide web. It is simply impossible to watch over your child’s shoulder every second they are on the Internet so you need all the tools you can get to help! Your child’s innocence may be at stake.

**Kids First Community does not endorse any of these Internet Safety Products.

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