Training Your Child to Keep Trying New Things

As our children grow up, we want them to develop a love for trying new things! Whether that means new foods, new hobbies, or making new friends, we want them to feel free to try something new. Here’s how to train your child to try new things!

1. Start small

Don’t go straight from regular routine to swimming with sharks! Start with some new types of music or a new kind of food. Try a different cheese on your pizza, or different spices on your chicken. Take baby steps! If they fear water, start with a sprinkler, then a shallow pool, and keep moving forward there. All the little steps add up. Experiment a little bit, and ask your child what they think of the new thing they tried!

2. Be prepared to invest in their new things

Pay attention to things that spark their interest, and encourage them to try things that interest them! Sometimes this might mean some extra expenses or time spent away, so when possible try to prepare for these investments in advance. When your children are ready to go out into the world and try something new, do your best to support and encourage them! If money or time is an issue, have an open conversation with them about it. Explain to them why they cannot do everything, or what is holding you back from saying yes. Maybe they can’t have private lessons every week, but they can get a cheaper instrument as a birthday gift. Perhaps track team would take too much time away from family, but they can run with friends a couple afternoons a week.

3. Try new things together

Have you always wanted to take a painting class, and are they interested in trying art? Are you trying to get back in shape, while they are investigating disc golf? Try to find ways you can try new things with your child, and make sure they see you having fun doing it! Make sure they always know you are proud of them for going beyond their comfort zone and trying something new, regardless of whether they choose to stick with it or try something else. Try to find some things to do together as a family, like cooking new foods together or different ways of exercising!

With these three easy action steps, you can feel certain you will be preparing your child to put themselves out there and try new things!

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