Training Your Child to Read the Bible

Getting your children to read the Bible can be a challenge sometimes, but there are ways to make it simple and fun! Here are some easy ways to train your child to read and enjoy the Scriptures that will get you involved as well.

  1. Give them structure

The first key to helping a child enjoy reading the Bible is to get them a kid-friendly version. Choose one with large print and plenty of pictures to keep them engaged. You can also help your child stay on task by giving them a reading plan! There are lots of kids’ Bible reading plans on the internet that you can easily download and print. These range from chronological to topical plans, or parent-child plans and individualized plans. A reading plan will help your little one to stay focused and set manageable goals for their daily reading time.

  1. Live it out

Kids learn best when they have an example to follow. For example, you can demonstrate how to read the Bible by making it a point to stay on track with your own reading. Make sure your children are aware of your personal daily devotions, and why you do them. Read the Bible together as a family, and let older children read portions of the passages out loud. Afterwards, finish with a discussion about the passage you have read.

  1. Make it interactive

Kids usually gain the most interest in the bible when it is made interactive! Focus on simple stories that lend themselves to illustrations. You can dress up as Bible characters and act out the stories you read, use felt characters to illustrate the action, or even use action figures and have your children play along. You can also have your children memorize Bible verses. Put music to the verse, or set up a reward system to motivate your kids. The more verses they learn, the more points they earn.

These three ways are just a few of the many methods you can use to weave the Scriptures into your children’s daily lives. Don’t miss out on this valuable time to build your child’s character and make good memories!

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