Valentine’s Day Crafts to do with Your Child

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Kids are having little Valentine’s parties in school and at church, but what are some ways that you can celebrate this holiday as a family? Here are some fun crafts you can do with your child!

1. Love Bugs

Without any scissors, this craft can be great for the little ones! Take them to the dollar store or craft store with you to pick out some pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and hearts in their favorite colors, and help them make some love bugs to decorate their rooms! These can also make great toys after the holiday, and become pretend pets around the house.

2. Windsocks

Windsocks are so fun to see hanging outside! With some simple supplies, your kids can each decorate their own Valentine’s day themed windsocks for you to hang in the yard. Some use tin cans, but if you are concerned that that will be a safety hazard for your child, paper works just as well. Let your kids go out into the yard and pick different places to try hanging them, seeing where they catch the most wind. Spend some time outside or by a window so your kids can see their awesome craft blowing in the breeze!

3. Heart wreaths

Help them create some wreaths to hang around the house! With some construction paper, tissue paper, glue, and a pencil, you can make some beautiful one-of-a-kind Valentine’s decorations that your children can hang on their bedroom doors or around family photos to make the house a little more festive! Older kids may want to try something a little more intricate, and could make a similar wreath with felted rosettes or fabric. Take the time to browse sites like Pinterest to find fun wreath ideas for every single member of your family!

Now you are prepared with creative ways to celebrate the Valentine’s Day season with your whole family!

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