What To Do For New Years With Family

New Years with Family

While the world doesn’t magically change on New Year’s, there is something fun and empowering about a fresh start. For the same reason people like to start new goals on a Monday or the beginning of a month, people around the world like to create New Year’s resolutions. 

Kids’ understanding of goals and resolutions changes as they grow and develop, but celebrating New Year’s and creating resolutions is beneficial for all ages. 

Here are some ideas for what to do for New Year’s:

Should We Celebrate New Year’s as a Family?

When we think of New Year’s, champagne and adult-appropriate parties may come to mind, but New Year’s is about much more than that. Even families with young children can celebrate New Year’s together safely and appropriately. New Year’s is a great time to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year. Children can learn about the value of making goals. and self-discipline through New Year’s.  

What is the history of New Year’s Resolutions? 

According to History.com, the ancient Babylonians created New Year’s resolutions over 4,000 years ago! Resolutions were also practiced in ancient Rome, and early Christians used the new year to examine past mistakes and resolve to do better in the future. 

The history of New Year’s resolutions dates far back and was part of several different cultures. The way we use them now is quite similar, as many people create New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives. Families can create resolutions for family activities, and each child can also create age-appropriate resolutions. In general, think about healthy habits and areas of improvement. Try to focus on a few key goals so that they are very meaningful and realistic. 

What You Can Do As A Family for New Year’s

New Year’s can become a very enjoyable family event for you and your children. Some ideas for family New Year’s activities include:

  • Sharing goals. Each family member can talk about something they are proud of and something they want to improve at. Have parents go first to serve as an example. Help each child write down their goals and turn them into a craft by decorating the goal board!
  • Make some delicious, festive treats. 
  • Use party hats and noisemakers during the New Year’s celebration. If your kids are very young and have an earlier bedtime, celebrate in the morning when they wake up or use a Netflix NYE on-demand countdown so they can enjoy the ball drop. 
  • Make a family time capsule or memory board. 
  • Have a dance party in your living room. Play dress up for some added fun!

New Year’s is a time for reflection, planning, and gratitude, which makes it a great time to celebrate as a family. Your whole family can celebrate and create new memories and traditions while also helping kids learn about the importance of goal setting.

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