Activities For When Your Child Has Spring Fever

girl with spring fever

Once the holidays are over, it’s only a matter of time until spring fever hits! Even if the first signs of spring have arrived, chances are it’s still a little chilly for your child to participate in normal spring activities. Things like indoor exercises or short walks outside can help, but there is more you and your child can do! Here are a few spring-themed indoor activities you can do with your child when they have spring fever!

Spring-themed window murals

This activity is great for little ones, little to no mess, and very affordable! Just pick up some cheap sheets of craft foam, cut out spring shapes like flower pots or raindrops, and use water to make them stick up on a glass surface. Place a towel underneath wherever play is happening for quick-and-easy cleanup! To be extra frugal, try to save any leftover scraps to use for abstract window art or other themes as the year goes on. See how many shapes you can make with whatever sheets you have!

Paper plate flowers

This activity is perfect for kids who are a little older, and can handle some safety scissors and glue sticks. Get some old white paper plates out from the pantry (uncoated works best), some scissors, some glue or staples, and a watercolor paint set and get ready for fun! You can make a basic version by cutting small triangles out of one paper plate and using watercolors on that, adding a colored center or step and leaves as desired. More advanced artists can also go all out with a layered flower! It’s a similar process, but with progressively smaller circles of petals layered on top of each other, with petals curved inward by being wrapped around a marker or paintbrush.

Color-changing flowers

This is a fun craft for both the artist and the scientist! It’s surprisingly easy to make flowers change colors right in your own kitchen. This is especially fun if you have or can get food coloring in your child’s favorite color. Pick up any variety of white cut flowers from the store, any food coloring you need, and several cheap glasses if you don’t have any to spare. When you get home, trim each of the stems at least half an inch, and set them aside. Fill each glass partway with water, and add 3-5 drops of food coloring to each glass. Put a flower in each glass, and watch your child’s amazement when they wake up to different colored flowers!

While no indoor activity can replace being outside, these activities should help your child until they can get outside!

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