Easy Educational Activities For Your Child

educational activites for children

Many parents are trying homeschooling for the first time right now, and keeping up with all the assignments, grades, and topics can be overwhelming! Although it may feel like you have to personally supervise each activity, there are lots of educational activities your child can likely do on their own. Here are a few educational activities for your child to do when you need a break from teaching them.

1. Read or listen to an audiobook

It may feel like you’ve already read every book in the house, but there are lots of books available online right now! See what’s available for free through your local library, the National Emergency Library, and Audible first. You may be surprised at how many books your child can read or listen to for free! If you need some ideas for books, try checking out lists of books every child or teen should read. Your child may already have a list of book they’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t had time to! Even if their top picks aren’t traditionally educational,  just the act of reading can teach your child valuable skills.

2. Have them watch videos from kid-friendly educational YouTube channels

If your child doesn’t enjoy reading, you may find that having them read independently doesn’t last long. That’s where educational YouTube channels can be really helpful! Try having them watch videos from Crash Course Kids, a kid-focused channel from the creators of Crash Course. Right now, they are primarily releasing videos on science, but more topics will be coming soon. There are also educational YouTube channels like WordWorld and Sesame Street that post full episodes of favorite PBS shows.

3. Download and print independent study packets

This may require some involvement to review afterward if you’re tracking grades, but there are independent study packets available for free your child can do on their own! Education.com separates their packets based on grade and by week, so you can start your child on a week you know they can successfully complete and move forward from there. This is great if you’re concerned about your child getting too much screentime. Unlike the other two activities we’ve covered, this activity can be completed by your child without an electronic device.

Suddenly being thrown into homeschooling can be stressful, but these activities can help your child keep learning and give you some breaks throughout the day! Which of these educational activities will your child try first?

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