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Drug Awareness

HELPING FAMILIES WITH DRUG AWARENESS A first step in drug awareness, prevention and protection against drug abuse, is to know what drugs are, how they change your behavior and what makes them physiologically and physically addictive. Understanding what drugs are and how they affect our bodies is crucial for our protection against drug abuse.  We […]

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TEACHING KIDS ABOUT BULLYING Unfortunately, bullying is a reality for many children.  With so many negative side-effects, it is important that our children know how to deal with bullying.  This theme provides our precious kids with the information they need to handle situations involving bullying. HERE ARE THE FACTS: 47% of kids don’t tell anyone

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TEACHING KIDS RESPECT Many parents say today’s disrespectful children are driving them crazy with their constant fighting. Constant fighting, arguing, rudeness, wanting to have the final word in everything, lying and manipulation. This theme offers helpful tips on how to show respect and gain it. Our COVID-19 theme is designed to help your child understand

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Ten Commandments

TEACHING KIDS ABOUT THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Teaching your children the importance of the Ten Commandments is critical to their foundation of faith. A common area of disobedience with children, starting when they are very young, is lying. One of the ten commandments addresses this topic specifically: the New International Version of Exodus chapter 20 verse

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