Fun Ideas for Family Night At Home

family night at home

Staying at home means missing out on a lot of fun family traditions, but it doesn’t have to mean missing out on family night! Here are just a few fun ideas to give you some inspiration for your next family night at home.

Make an at-home movie night special

It’s not like going to the movies, but in some ways, it’s better! Make a cozy space in your living room complete with pillows and blankets, then pull up your favorite streaming service or your library’s digital renting options for a fun movie night at home! One way to make this extra fun is to put together a themed meal to eat before or during the movie. Are you going to watch Lady & The Tramp? Try making spaghetti and meatballs like Lady and the Tramp eat in the movie! Do you love The Sandlot? Try a baseball-themed meal, complete with hotdogs! Get creative with the movies your family loves and what your grocery store has available.

Try a new spin on a family favorite

There are a lot of fun spins out there on classic dessert recipes! You could try making ice cream in a bag, and experiment with adding different toppings or flavors. Some M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream can quickly become a full sundae bar, right in your kitchen! Another option is trying a new variation on the classic chocolate chip cookie. You can swap out the chocolate chips for a different flavor, add nuts to your current favorite recipe, or make a double chocolate chip cookie. The best part? Eating whatever delicious treat you make!

Make cards to send friends and family

Everyone is missing someone right now, but social distancing doesn’t leave us without options! Spend a night together making cards and writing notes to friends near and far, and take your kids with you to put them in the mailbox. This is a great way to start conversations with your kids about the people you care about. It is also a way to let them express some of the emotions they are feeling through all of this in a helpful, creative way. If you are part of a playgroup, try reaching out to other parents to see if any other families are interested in exchanging cards with yours!

There’s no perfect way to get through this, but these are a few fun ideas for having family nights at home! Which one is your favorite?

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