Getting One-On-One Time With Your Child At Home

one-on-one time with your child

One of the best ways parents can pour into their relationship with their child is by prioritizing one-on-one time. For many families, this involves parents taking turns taking their child out for fun things like ice cream, movies, or trips to the library. How can you make sure your child still gets one-on-one time with you when those options aren’t available? Here are a few ways you can have some fun one-on-one time with your child at home.

1. Playing games together after dinner

This activity is great for parents who still have busy days, but want to set aside time for each child during the week! If you have multiple children, consider letting each child have one night per week, and on that night they get to stay up 20-30 minutes later than normal to play a game with you after everyone else has gone to bed. Have them pick out their favorite game, and while they go get it, set up the table with snacks, desserts, or even some candles so you can play the game by candlelight. These small details can make the time with you feel extra special to your child!

2. Take walks together

This is a great way to get some exercise while spending time with your child! Getting some fresh air will be great for both of you, and help alleviate any antsiness or spring fever your child may be dealing with. While it may be best to avoid places like playgrounds where crowds tend to gather, going for walks is a great way to stay healthy while social distancing and get some time out of the house. As you walk, keep the conversation moving by asking your child questions about how they’re feeling, what they’re learning, and what’s going on in their minds and hearts. Consider keeping some easy conversation starters in the back of your mind, like “What was the best and hardest part of this week?”

3. Make a favorite snack together

Although you may not be able to visit your favorite restaurants, you can pick up some fun ingredients from the grocery store to snack on! Consider creating a weekly routine surrounding one of your child’s favorite snack. If you aren’t sure what their favorite snack is, try starting with classics like cookies, popcorn, or ice cream sundaes. If you want to keep it healthy, try making ice cream sundaes with frozen yogurt or fruit popsicles!

What is your favorite way to spend one-on-one time with your child while staying at home?

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