Keeping Your Child Happy During Your Commute

woman on a commute

Most families spend lots of time in the car between the daily commute, extracurricular activities, and other commitments each week. On top of all the other situations where your child may need to sit still,¬†keeping them entertained can start to feel overwhelming! However busy or calm your family’s schedule is, you can make this time on the road fun! Here are three easy games to keep your child happy and entertained in the car.

Listen to kid-friendly audiobooks

You may listen to audiobooks while driving by yourself or doing housework, but did you know that there are lots of kid-friendly audiobooks your child will love? With a variety ranging from silly short stories to classics like Winnie the Pooh, you’re sure to find something your child will love to listen to. If you make this a routine, you may even find your child looks forward to their time in the car so they can hear more of their favorite stories!

Play I Spy

This game is a favorite for a reason! Playing I Spy can be a fun way to experience how your child sees the world, and because there are always new things to see on the road, it’s not hard to keep the game going for as long as you need. Other variations of this include counting how many of a specific vehicle, like school buses, you pass by. If your child is still learning or perfecting counting, you could also practice that by counting road signs! This educational spin is a great way to really make the most of your time together in the car.

Make activity packs to keep in the car

While some activities, like watercolor painting, would not be suited for a commute, you may be surprised how many of your child’s favorite activities can work just fine in the car! If your child enjoys arts and crafts, they may have great fun experimenting with finger knitting or making friendship bracelets. If your child loves drawing, consider getting a no-mess option to keep in the car like a magnetic drawing board. Other fun options that are low-mess include books to read, sensory toys like fidget spinners, and games with magnetic pieces that will stay on the board. There’s no right or wrong thing to include in an activity pack, but these ideas should give you a good place to start!

Whatever your commute looks like, these tips will help you keep your child happy and entertained.

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