Making Recess Fun At Home


No matter how old or studious your child is, it’s important to give them breaks during the school day! As you homeschool them, in addition to whatever educational activities you’re doing, giving them time to play will help them stay entertained and happy throughout the day. Here are a few ideas for activities to make recess fun at home!

Play Red Light, Green Light

All you need is 3 people and a little bit of energy to play this old fashioned recess game! For red light, green light, one player stands near a wall while the others stand behind a line to start, and when the player near a wall turns their back, the other players rush forward! The first to tag the player near the wall wins – but there’s a catch. Whenever the player near the wall turns around, yelling “red light,” the other players must freeze. If they are caught moving during the red light, they have to start over. Whoever tags the player near the wall gets to take that player’s place for the next round!

Make paper crafts

This is a great time for spring-themed paper crafts, like paper plate flowers or finger painting! There are lots of creative twists to finger painting, like adding old rags or sponges to change the texture of the paint or painting rocks instead of paper. These can get a little messy, so they’re best done outside or on a tarp if you have one. Letting your child create freely is a great way to help them take a mental break from school and have some fun!

Have an at-home dance party

Have your child pick out their current favorite song, and dance all their sillies or frustrations out to it in between subjects! To give your dance party a fun twist, try turning it into freeze dance. Turn up your favorite music, but keep the controller in your hand. Whenever you pause the music, your child has to stop dancing quickly, or they will be out! Another fun way to change up a dance party at home is adding ribbon rings, which will flow behind your child while they dance. To take it a step further, try dressing up for the dance party! Your child may miss getting to wear their nicer clothes, so this is a great way to let them pull out their favorite outfits.

How do you do recess at your house?

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