Rainy Day Fun With Your Child

child on rainy day

As summer weather fades, we have to get ready for fall weather. Sometimes, this means having lots of indoor activities ready to go in case of a rainy day! Here are some ways to still enjoy time together even when it’s wet out!

1. Have an indoor picnic

When having a picnic at the park or in the yard is not an option because of a rainy day, you can still have a picnic inside! Spread out a blanket on the living room or dining room floor, grab some sandwich ingredients, and make your meal on the floor for a fun twist on this classic family activity. Make sure you include other picnic food classics, like paper bags of fresh fruit! Other options are veggies and ranch, some small travel-safe pastries, or lemonade and iced tea to drink. You know your kids, so make sure that any foods you use for the picnic will not stain or damage the floor.

2. Make some art with fruit from your kitchen

Celebrate some of the sweet smells of nature by using fruit to make some incredible colorful art! Cut some fruits in half, and have each child dip a few different fruits in brightly colored paint and use the fruit half as a stamp on some plain white paper. Citruses tend to work best, but feel free to branch out to other fruits! Many people have great success with apples, but let yourself and your child experiment with whatever fruits or even vegetables you may have on hand. The options are endless! This can also be a great activity for young children who are learning to identify different colors. Try using bright, non-toxic paints and let them point out different colors on the paper when they’re done!

3. Make paper plate fishes

If your child loves playing with water, they will love making these paper plate fishes! Paint the plates and any other supplies used a variety of colors for a fun assortment. Then, tape these plates up near a window or door where everyone can see the water outside! It will be so fun for little ones to see their very own homemade fishes swimming in the rain! If you have different sizes of plates in your pantry, this can make it extra fun to make a school of fish that are all different sizes!

Now, you are ready to handle the upcoming rainy days with your kids in a way that is fun for everyone!

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