Remembering the Reason for the Season

reason for the season

There is no better time than Christmas to teach your child about the birth of Jesus, but it can be hard to teach the reason for the season when everything is so busy. No matter how old or young your child is, there are ways to infuse reminders of the miracle we are celebrating into the season! While each of these options will resonate differently with different age groups, there is something for everyone. Here are a few ways to remember Jesus with your family every day.

Read a Gospel all the way through as a family

Mark is the shortest Gospel, at 16 chapters, making it the easiest to get through quickly. If an entire Gospel feels daunting, consider reading the first few chapters describing Jesus’s conception and birth in small chunks each night. Living out your faith in this way will help instill a value for reading the Bible in your child early! Try to make the moment special by whipping up a quick batch of hot cocoa or lighting a candle to read around. The cozier the moment, the better.

Emphasize Advent

Advent is about so much more than little calendars with chocolate inside. This season leading up to Christmas is an important part of the liturgical year in some traditions, including rituals surrounding the lighting of advent candles each week leading up to Christmas Day. Each candle represents a different part of anticipating and celebrating the Christ’s arrival. If you are in a tradition that does this, make sure your child understands what’s happening. If your church doesn’t do this together, try celebrating it as a family!

Craft things that focus on Jesus

While the internet abounds with different DIY trees and wreaths, there are lots of crafts centered on Jesus! From DIY mangers to more elaborate art projects, there is something for every age. Try finding some age-appropriate crafts that connect a little more specifically with the message of the Gospels. Use the moments your little one’s hands are busy as an opportunity to talk to them about what these things mean and why they matter.

There is nothing wrong with Santa, presents, or classic movies, but remember to center your celebration on the reason for the season. Christmas is the perfect season to show your children the wonder of our God and how He came to earth! Enjoy celebrating Christ’s coming together as a family.

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