Time Management For Families Staying Home

time management while staying home

There’s a reason so many people are joking about forgetting the time, month, or even day of the week! With so many people staying home to flatten the curve, it’s easy for us to start to lose track of time. Whether you’re figuring out homeschooling, working from home, or simply at home together trying to get through these strange times, it’s easy to lose structure. Here are some ways you can practice time management and provide structure for your family while staying home.

Go to bed & wake up at the same time every day

One way you can manage time well while staying at home is by maintaining a consistent sleep schedule! Without the normal schedules of work and school, it’s easy to start letting this slide, but a consistent sleep schedule is important both for time management and to make sure everyone in your family is getting the sleep they need. Try to establish a consistent bedtime and wakeup time for everyone in the house, and stick to it each day to keep things running smoothly. When you wake up, do things to start your day like you normally would, such as getting everyone dressed and eating breakfast!

Have consistent break times

Being together all day every day can be fun at first, but it gets monotonous and frustrating quickly. Whether it shows up as kids fighting over which show to watch next or desperation for a break from listening to “Baby Shark” on repeat, taking intentional breaks for alone time and self-care is important! If your children still take naps, keep them on a nap schedule; if they no longer nap, set aside a couple of times a day they have quiet time alone in their rooms so everyone can have a break from each other. Breaking up time together will help lower stress and help you keep track of time, which makes it much easier to practice good time management while staying home.

Set goals you can pursue while staying home

From small, daily checklists to bigger goals like finishing a long book, having goals you can pursue will help you with time management and make you feel productive. Even checking off daily tasks, like showering or doing dishes, can go a long way toward helping you feel better. Consider having each family member set daily goals, like reading a chapter of a book, and weekly goals, like reorganizing a closet. This will help with time management and prevent boredom!

There’s no one right or wrong way to practice time management while staying home, but these tips will help you stay consistent and get done what you need to get done!

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